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The strange form factor makes for a wide and very squarish experience that won't appeal to folks with smaller hands.

Motorola RAZR V4 Introduction, the Foldable Smartphone is here,The Legend Reborn!!

LG's justification for this is that most print articles are in this same aspect ratio. Indeed, I suspect that the real issue facing the Intuition is that it's based on hardware that is nearly one year old. Consider, that Verizon had only just introduced the phone when rumors of its successor, the LG Optimus Vu 2 , began to circulate. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 boasts a number of advantages over the LG Intuition, including a faster processor and a larger, higher resolution display.

Factor in its more traditional aspect ratio and overall design, the Note 2 feels more natural in hand.

Verizon Wireless Phone Reviews

And for software, the Galaxy Note 2 comes with Android 4. Other key advantages include Google Now, the Project Butter smooth transitions, and enhanced notifications. Samsung also included a handful of apps that utilize the large display including Multi-View, Pop-up Play, and Pop-up Browser. So if everything about the Galaxy Note 2 is so glowing, then where does it fall short? That's an easy one: Parents or spouses looking to grab multiple devices this holiday season may go with their wallet instead of their heart.

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And even after our review, the Droid DNA gets my vote. The 5-inch display features an astounding p HD resolution and manages to squeeze in pixels per inch.

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Far ahead of anything else on the market, it is obviously the one you want to use for Netflix or HBO Go. All three devices share an 8-megapixel camera, but with a f2.

View All Discontinued LG Cell Phones | LG USA

Sprinkle in the Beats audio, dual amplifiers, and wireless charging, and it's quite a bargain. While it is easy to get lost in the intricacies or debate one CPU against another, the bottom line is this: Then again, it's also in the fortunate position of being the most recently announced device. January is fast approaching and that means we're going to see the bar raised again. Three months from now the landscape will be entirely different and HTC could find themselves somewhere lower on the totem pole.

And it could be one of many phones LG shows off at MWC, if the company does have a 5G device in the works — more on that in a bit. The render shown here from serial leaker OnLeaks shows a more conventional approach, though that version could incorporate a Sound on Display feature that removes a visible earpiece from the phone's display.

Samsung Galaxy Fold (April 12222)

LG G8 Rumors: Specs, Features, Release Date and More. Could the iconic Motorola phone be making a comeback? The Wall Street Journal thinks so, reporting that Motorola could reintroduce the Razr as a foldable phone, possibly as soon as February. If and when it does break cover, though, the new Razr could potentially give Samsung's highly-anticipated Galaxy F a run for its money. Smartphones Round-Up.

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Big Phones On the Horizon From ever-shrinking bezels to dual rear cameras trickling down to budget devices, smartphones have changed dramatically in Tom's Guide. Slide 1 of Samsung Galaxy Fold April For years, Samsung has told us its first foldable smartphone was just around the corner. Slide 2 of Slide 3 of Slide 4 of New iPhones Fall Yes, three new iPhones were unveiled only a few months ago.

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  6. Slide 5 of Moto G7 Spring Sure, Motorola's midrange offerings might not rise to the level of excitement that Apple, Samsung and Google's latest wares garner, but they're nevertheless very important devices because they define the budget phone segment. Slide 6 of Slide 7 of Motorola Razr February Could the iconic Motorola phone be making a comeback? Yanko Design. Slide 8 of About the author. Read more.

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